October Promos










Soooooo…….October might be the best month ever for promos!!!!!!

Convention kits are available through the US warehouse. Just enter code 60203511 into the search bar to bring it up. This can be ordered through your LRP for all the points too!!!!

When you order a 125PV loyalty rewards order before October 15th you get a FREE 5ml bottle of OnGuard.

Any order of 200PV or more gets a FREE trio of my 3 favorite mood support oils…Balance, Serenity and Citrus Bliss seriously fantastic!!!!

10% off Ginger too!!!!

Ok so here’s the best deal…order the convention kit through the Loyalty Rewards Program (US warehouse) before October 15th and you get Rose Touch, Jasmine Touch, Neroli Touch, Copaiba, Siberian Fir, The Yoga trio, Blue Tansy & OnGuard Spray and get OnGuard, Balance, Serenity and Citrus Bliss FREE

That’s 14 oils!!!!!!!

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