First, off gratitude itself is the act of noticing & appreciating all of the good things in your life.

So from there, a gratitude practice is training yourself to notice & appreciate the good things, then expressing gratitude for them.

Gratitude promotes an abundance mindset.

Sounds simple & in theory it is, but training yourself to focus on what you’re grateful for, instead of all the negative going on around you & in the world, takes practice & commitment.

*Why is gratitude important*

Having a grateful mindset changes the way we see the world around us & how we think. Gratitude shifts your perspective so you begin to notice & appreciate all the good things around you, which in turn you start thinking more positively as a result.

Focusing on gratitude helps you actively change your mindset, through patterns & perspective.  By focusing on what you’re grateful for trains your mind to look for the positive & takes you out of a cycle of negativity.


Studies show practicing gratitude benefits:


Better relationships

improved health

more resiliency

better sleep

higher self-esteem

to name a few

It’s amazing how being mindful throughout your day to focus on gratitude can have such a huge impact on your life.

Now how to start a gratitude practice?

It’s super easy & doesn’t cost a thing!

All you need is a few minutes every day

Make it a habit

Habits take practice & consistency to form. So commit to working on your gratitude practice a few minutes each day.  By focusing on the positive to be grateful for, the more you’ll find to feel grateful for. Keep it simple make a list of at least 3 new things each day you’re grateful for.


A fantastic Diffuser Blend for Creating Abundance

2 drops Wild Orange (enhances the other oils & is also considered the oil of abundance

1 drop  Bergamot (for possibilities)

2 drops Douglas Fir (rewires the brain)

1 drop Lemon (focus and clears mental clutter)


Some fabulous gemstones for bringing in Gratitude & Abundance

Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love

Amethyst rids the home & body of negative energy while attracting the positive




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