I just finished up a Live on Facebook about confidence and it’s one of those scary things, where it seems like you’ve got it or you don’t!  And everyone including the dog wants to know how to gain confidence.  But to be honest I think the easiest way is “Fake It Till You Make It”.

Confidence can literally change your life.  It will take you from where you are now and hurtle you into unbelievable possibilities.  Take me for example: Not long ago I would never have dreamed of going on “LIVE” (no way!!!!) I would never have posted in groups or even interacted in them, nor would I have hired a coach and connected with so many fantastic ladies!!!! And there is NO WAY I would have posted a picture of me in a bathing suit!!!

No matter how you look at it, having confidence will definitely make a positive impact on your life in some way or another.

Don’t underestimate the power of your mind! “Doing confidence, fear or doubt” all stem from your mindset.  There is a chain of events that start with your mindset and end in your actions. That’s why working on your mindset is so important.  All of it will flow so much easier if you believe something positive and helpful instead or something that is counterproductive from your goals.

What I have found works awesome is to become the version of you that would____!

Let’s be honest here none of us would be here right now if we didn’t want to be doing all those great big dreams of ours or would any of us be here if there wasn’t some part of us that believed we can!

So what we need to do is to tap into that vision of ourselves that WOULD_________!  Imagine how that vision of yourself would be. How would you hold yourself? How would you act? How would you dress? Get a crystal clear vision of yourself in your mind of what you’d be like.  Now bit by bit become her!  You don’t have to start with the great big scary stuff, start with so easily implemented stuff and work your way up to the big stuff!

Everyday picture this confident vision of yourself and every day take a step closer to that vision of yourself.

Now there isn’t going to be any overnight miracles here, but I can promise that if you start becoming this new confident vision of yourself, you will grow in your confidence with a strong foundation.  Like anything else, confidence is a muscle and if you want it to grow strong you have to use it every day.



Crystals to boost your confidence:  Carnelian, Citrine, Rhodonite & Ruby

The related Chakras: Root & Solar Plexus

Affirmation: “I am confident in everything that I do. I believe in myself. I am strong.”

A great essential oil blend for confidence is “I am Fabulous”.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like the “I am Fabulous” Blend and breakdown of all the oils.

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