First, off gratitude itself is the act of noticing & appreciating all of the good things in your life.

So from there, a gratitude practice is training yourself to notice & appreciate the good things, then expressing gratitude for them.

Gratitude promotes an abundance mindset.

Sounds simple & in theory it is, but training yourself to focus on what you’re grateful for, instead of all the negative going on around you & in the world, takes practice & commitment.

*Why is gratitude important*

Having a grateful mindset changes the way we see the world around us & how we think. Gratitude shifts your perspective so you begin to notice & appreciate all the good things around you, which in turn you start thinking more positively as a result.

Focusing on gratitude helps you actively change your mindset, through patterns & perspective.  By focusing on what you’re grateful for trains your mind to look for the positive & takes you out of a cycle of negativity.


Studies show practicing gratitude benefits:


Better relationships

improved health

more resiliency

better sleep

higher self-esteem

to name a few

It’s amazing how being mindful throughout your day to focus on gratitude can have such a huge impact on your life.

Now how to start a gratitude practice?

It’s super easy & doesn’t cost a thing!

All you need is a few minutes every day

Make it a habit

Habits take practice & consistency to form. So commit to working on your gratitude practice a few minutes each day.  By focusing on the positive to be grateful for, the more you’ll find to feel grateful for. Keep it simple make a list of at least 3 new things each day you’re grateful for.


A fantastic Diffuser Blend for Creating Abundance

2 drops Wild Orange (enhances the other oils & is also considered the oil of abundance

1 drop  Bergamot (for possibilities)

2 drops Douglas Fir (rewires the brain)

1 drop Lemon (focus and clears mental clutter)


Some fabulous gemstones for bringing in Gratitude & Abundance

Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love

Amethyst rids the home & body of negative energy while attracting the positive







As the nice sunny weather is upon us (finally), it’s time to talk about some precautions.  Photosensitivity applies to the topical use of essential oils only, not ones that are taken internally.

When using photosensitive oils topically avoid the sun, tanning beds or any UV light for at least 12 hours.

Please be vigilant and check your warning labels well, some oils such as Bergamot can cause the skin to burn severely up to 72 hours after applied topically and align yourself with a leader who can properly guide you in safe usage of your essential oils.

Why does this happen? It’s something called furocoumarins in citrus oils applied topically, bind to the skin and when exposed to prolonged direct UV light, can cause a reaction resulting in burns.




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