Hi, I’m Zibby
I’m a Self-Love & Empowerment Coach. I empower women to own their worth & fulfill their ultimate potential through energetic realignment.

I love Essential Oils & am a Gemstone Junkie.

I am also a mother of 3 beautiful girls, a foster mother to 3 teenagers & dog mom of 3 (YIKES!!!!), & a partner to my best friend& rock Dan.

*I’m on a mission to help provide you with the tools you need to live a life that radiates health, vitality, bliss & joy!*

I definitely haven’t always been on this path though.

I am a recovering alcoholic/addict.

Who’s whole world changed completely a few years ago.  I suffered a devastating workplace injury, that ended a 21-year career in healthcare, I lost my home, life savings lost my father to cancer unexpectedly & then had a complete mental breakdown. I was diagnosed with Bipolar due to the high amounts of stress & the medication cocktail I was on (apparently they didn’t mix well together). Who Knew!!!

Then my oldest daughters father & my closest friend was killed in a workplace accident.

This was definitely the darkest period of my life.

But even threw all of that I gained so much, I started learning about spiritual growth, emotional & mental wellness, how essential oils & gemstones could support my children & myself.

Now I’m on a mission to empower & help as many women as I can to take control of their emotional wellness.

Join me on your journey toward empowerment!

Big Love
xo Zibby